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Delaware Home Education Convention


Hosted by Tri-State Homeschool

August 17, 2024 ~ 8:00am-5:00pm

An inaugural event
right here in Delaware

Join fellow homeschoolers in the Diamond State for:


Engaging Content

Multiple speakers, workshops, breakouts and panel discussions on a variety of homeschool topics from How to Start Homeschooling in Delaware to Before You Choose a Curriculum.


Wide-ranging Resources

Multiple educational resource companies, exhibitors, homeschool businesses and educational organizations, plus a used curriculum sale.


Face-to-face connections

Meet up with other homeschooling families from across Delaware and nearby states.


Registration includes all speaker sessions, breakouts, exhibitor hall and a closing social. When we reach capacity, registrations will no longer be accepted and we will switch to a wait list.



Arrival and Registration


Keynote: How Being Taught at Home Changed My Life
Thomas J. Schmidt, Esq.
Senior Counsel, Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)


Tj’s parents began homeschooling in northern Vermont in 1983 after trying for over a year to get permission from local school officials. Homeschooling enabled his family to travel to the mission field, serving for several years in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. After graduation, Tj worked in various trades until landing in law school. While in law school, Tj applied to work at HSLDA, in part because of his own family’s experience in their homeschool journey. He earned his juris doctor from Oak Brook College of Law while serving as a legal assistant at HSLDA. Now, as an HSLDA staff attorney, Tj assists members across the country with legal questions and challenges to their homeschool freedom. Tj and his wife, Susan, homeschool their nine children: Josiah, Suzanna, Ella, Makenna, Jonah, Annika, Ezra, Sadie, and Henry.


Breakout Speaker Sessions

Celebrate Curiosity with Nonfiction
Annette Whipple

As an author and speaker, Annette Whipple celebrates curiosity and inspires others through her words. She challenges people to live with curiosity, wait with wonder, and raise readers in a world of screens. She is the author of more than a dozen children’s books including The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion: A Chapter-by-Chapter Guide (Chicago Review Press), Whooo Knew: The Truth about Owls (Reycraft Books), and Quirky Critter Devotions (Tyndale). However, the people who know Annette best think of her as a wife and mom, former teacher, nature lover, chocolate chip cookie baker (and sometimes burner), people-loving introvert who lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Learn more about Annette and her free resources at

Annette Whipple Square.jpg

Before You Choose a Curriculum
Jeff Hague

Jeff has been a homeschool dad for 10+ years and has worked in various IT positions for 20+ years across software development, architecture, cybersecurity and mobile device management. More recently, Jeff switched to being the primary home education facilitator in his home and also began serving as the President of Tri-State Homeschool.



Breakout Speaker Sessions

What to Do When You Get a Knock on the Door
Thomas J. Schmidt, Esq.


High School Writing Workshop
Lee King

L.S. King is a science fiction author with novels published in two series to date, with more in the pipeline. Also, she worked as a submissions editor and a copy editor on several magazines, authored a column for new writers, and was a founding editor of the online magazine, Ray Gun Revival, now on hiatus. Her short stories have been included in two anthologies of the best short stories and poetry from Double-Edged Publishing, and also in Inkd Publishing's Hidden Villains. Various online magazines have published her stories including Deep Magic, The Sword Review, Dragons, Knights & Angels, Digital Dragon Magazine, and Residential Aliens. The fact that several of the publications which have released her stories are now defunct has nothing to do with her. Honest. Lee also was a homeschool mom for over two decades, as well as helping to homeschool some of her grandchildren for a period of time. Do not ask about trigonometry; it's not pretty to see an old woman melt down.


How to Start a Homeschool
Melissa Layfield


How to do Driver's Ed in Delaware
Jason P. Casper

Jason P. Casper is a dedicated and experienced driver education instructor based in the State of Delaware. With a passion for road safety and a commitment to educating new drivers, Jason has been serving the community as an instructor since 2016. Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role, having helped numerous students develop the skills and confidence needed to become safe and responsible drivers. His patient and supportive teaching style has earned him praise from both students and parents, making him a trusted and respected figure in the field of driver education. In addition to his work as an instructor, Jason stays up-to-date with the latest traffic laws and safety regulations to ensure that his students receive the most current and relevant information. He maintain current memberships in both the Delaware Driver Safety Education Association (DDSEA) as well as the American Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA).His dedication to promoting safe driving practices has made a positive impact on the community, helping to create a new generation of conscientious and skilled drivers. When he is not in the classroom or out on the road with students, Jason enjoys his work as an entrepreneur. He is the owner of Wilmington Cemetery Solutions, a cemetery management that specializes in cemetery management, headstone cleaning and engraving as well as excavations. To learn more about Jason P. Casper and his driver education programs, please contact him at His website is:





Exhibitor Hall Open


Used Curriculum Sale Open


Panel Discussion and Breakout Speaker Sessions

Parenting & Biblical Worldview Formation
Dr. Roger Erdvig

Dr. Roger C. S. Erdvig is an author, speaker, and scholar who finds his greatest joy in helping to develop emerging leaders. Roger’s life purpose is to equip those who are on the front lines of raising up the next generation of culture-shaping leaders. Married to Lori for over 30 years, Roger is dad to five children and grandfather to four. He has served as a pastor, a lead carpenter in his dad’s construction company, the co-founder of one of the first Christian coach training organizations, an educational leader, and a university professor.


Homeschooling Panel Discussion: Connecting, Curating and Curriculum


Breakout Speaker Sessions

How homeschooling led to the Delaware Family Policy Council
Indya Rennie

Indya Rennie is the operations manager for Delaware Strong Families and Delaware Family Policy Council, which are dedicated to helping Delawareans live out a Biblical worldview in the public square. Indya was homeschooled through all 12 grades, and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Government Policy and a Masters' Degree in Education by age 23. Indya is also a speech and debate teacher and helps oversee the annual Delaware Leadership Congress. During her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends and playing the piano.


Delaware Library Resources
Catherine Wimberley


Closing social


808 S. Old Baltimore Pike Newark, DE 19702

Bible Fellowship Church of Newark

Free parking

Exhibitors & Sponsors
PAT LOGO notag.png

If you offer a product or service that serves the needs of homeschool families and are interested in being an exhibitor in our resource fair, please review our exhibitor guidelines and submit an Exhibitor Application.


Can I attend for part of the convention?

You are free to attend as much or as little of the convention as you are able. Registration is not prorated for partial attendance.


Will child care be provided?

No, child care is not provided. The convention is oriented toward homeschool parents, although children are welcome to attend with their parents. Parents are responsible for their children throughout the convention.


Can I request a lunch to fit my dietary restrictions?

Yes, when registering see each available meal selection and select the best option for you.

Do you accept applications for booths for vendors/clubs/organizations?

Yes, please review our exhibitor guidelines and submit an Exhibitor Application.

Where can I request a table to sell at the Used Curriculum Sale?

You can review details and request a table on the Used Curriculum Sale signup page.


Can I come if I don’t live in Delaware?

Yes! While sessions on starting a homeschool will focus on Delaware’s law, the conference is open to anyone.

Do I need to be a Tri-State member to attend?

No, the conference is open to anyone.


Will sessions be recorded?

No, recordings will not be available. Please join us in person to hear the sessions. Registration is per family so parents can attend two sessions simultaneously if desired.

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