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Delaware Department of Education General Non-Public School Info
In Delaware, homeschools are one type of "Nonpublic school" under the purview of the Department of Education. This link provides general information for Delaware Nonpublic Schools.

Delaware Annual Enrollment Reporting
Delaware Department of Education annual enrollment reporting page:

Delaware does not require a specific number of days or hours for homeschools, but they do require reporting how many "days" each student was "in school."

Delaware Homeschool Statute
Scroll down to 14 Delaware Code § 2703A.


Maryland Homeschool Statute
Md. Code Ann., Educ. § 7-301(a).

Maryland Homeschool Regulations

Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 13A.10

§§ 10.01.01 to .05

13A.10.01.01 Home Instruction Program.
13A.10.01.02 Voluntary Participation in Standardized Testing.
13A.10.01.03 Noncompliance with Requirements.
13A.10.01.04 Placement in Public School.
13A.10.01.05 Home Instruction Under Supervision of Nonpublic School or Institution.

Notice of Intent
To begin homeschooling in Maryland, a Notice of Intent form prescribed by the State Department of Education must be submitted to the "local superintendent at least 15 days before the beginning of a home instruction program." Each district has a contact person, e.g. Cecil County's can be found here:

Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

HSLDA is a Christian legal organization that supports homeschooling families across the country and the world.  When homeschooling was a fledging movement, HSDLA was very instrumental in writing legislation and lobbying for homeschoolers’ rights.  Although homeschooling is virtually uncontested in our Tri-State area, by joining HSLDA you are supporting others nationally and gaining a resource should an issue ever arise.

HSLDA has more detailed state legal information, including state requirements at

Tri-State members can receive a discount on HSLDA membership.

Umbrella Schools and Co-ops
walnut grove

Walnut Grove Co-op

Lists of Co-ops and Umbrella Schools

Co-op lists

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